Saturday, October 9, 2010

Yesterday ~ What I did for Fun and Future Projects

Yesterday as I intended to continue on the truck quilt I received an email from one of my fellow DAFA board members that there is a change in the program for this month and she needed some of us to teach quick and easy mixed media techniques. Perfect timing, I have in my brain that after the first of the year I am going to develop curriculum to teach some of my favorite processes in a workshop setting. This will be a great jumping off opportunity.
A couple of my favorite tools are Misty Fuse and paint. I have a great piece that I made in a workshop with Esterita Austin using sheers, Misty Fuse and paint. So how can I use that process and do something different? After I played with a few ideas and processes I came up with layering Misty Fuse, Cheesecloth and paint. Using parchment paper as the bread for the sandwich, I hit it with the iron to fuse and dry the paint and this is what happened!

If you would like to learn this technique along with several others, join us on October 25th for the Dallas Area Fiber Artists Mixed Media Night!

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