Saturday, May 24, 2014

Collecting Treasures

Recently, Mr. Wonderful and I vacationed, collecting family history information. One of my hobbies is family genealogy and I have hit a brick wall with part of my dad's family. I have had to come to the conclusion that some things just aren't to be found. Especially since they didn't document births and deaths in the early to mid 1800's.

While driving through these small mid-west towns we occasionally stopped to do some antique shopping, hoping I would find a wonderful old quilt.  I didn't find a quilt, but I found a wonderful thread box and three antique irons.

The irons are older then the ones I had already collected for my Studio. One of the irons has "Memphis" on the handle. I would imagine these date back to the 1800's.

The thread box isn't old, but I love the color and the charm. As for the thread box, well I'm sure it will collect all sorts of treasures in my Studio. The size is perfect for my hutch in the Studio.

Before we left on vacation I took a wonderful Shibori - Indigo dye workshop with Suzanne Morgan. What a wonderful day! Here are some of the treasures I dyed. I couldn't wait to get home and dye some more using the methods I learned.

Enjoy your day, your week and your summer. Be sure, especially during this Memorial Weekend, to thank every service person you come across. Without their dedication to serving our country, we wouldn't have the freedoms that we do.