Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Staying Busy and So Much to Do!

Time is moving fast and I have so much to finish up with before I leave for Houston next week. What's on the schedule? Well, I have a display I need to finish for the Dallas Area Fiber Artists (DAFA) 2010 Annual Show, embroider my grandson's name on my denim shirt (because it has to go to Houston with me), finish packing my class supplies and my car CD play went on the fritz today so tomorrow is goes to the dealership to be fixed. I have already checked out two books on CD to listen to on the drive to Houston and back, so the CD player has to be fixed.
And to add to my time schedule, the Texas Rangers are playing in the World Series (though tonight they aren't doing as well as we would like), so nothing gets done during the games.... There are still several items on my worktable that need to be finished up, but they can wait until after Houston. I really need to finish my truck quilt so it can be submitted on the 19th to a show DAFA is having at the Oxide Gallery in Denton. I work best under deadlines and stress, so I'm sure everything will get done when it needs to be done, but time is flying fast!
I was pleased to find out today that my Old Alton Bridge quilt was included in a blog by Satin Moon. What a wonderful surprise and it is a fascinating blog post.
I had a great time Monday night with my fellow DAFA members at our monthly meeting. My mini-workshop went well and I'm mulling over how to make the mini-workshop into a full workshop so the participants can make an art project. I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to doing more and growing in this segment of my career.

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