Saturday, September 1, 2012

Texas Quilt Museum

A couple of weeks ago Jeff and I traveled down to La Grange, Texas to the Texas Quilt Museum to see my "Old Alton Bridge" quilt. The Texas Quilt Museum is beautiful. The historic building has the original floors and brick walls. It is a gorgeous way to display quilts.

I enjoyed meeting the women at the museum and there were several visitors there too. I was told they have hundreds of visitors each month to the museum. That is awesome to have so much traffic.

The manager was so kind and asked me to speak about my quilt to the other visitors. This was a treat to talk about my art, inspiration and joy of art quilting (and see my husband beaming in the background).

Today I was able to spend the afternoon in my studio working on my project for the Dallas Area Fiber Artists "Recycled Runway" event in a couple of weeks. This was the first time in a long time I have had the time to get into the studio and it felt good to have time to work on a new top out of hand dyed silk. It is almost done!