Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mixed Media By Chance or Recycle Reuse?

I know I’m always starting new projects before I finish the prior two, but hey, art on a whim can be the best pieces, right? Okay, I know, it just increases the number of unfinished projects, but the results can lead to unforeseen Mixed Media items that I hadn’t thought about before. That’s what happened this morning! Yesterday I painted and fused (with Mistyfuse™) cheesecloth for a new project. I did this on my appliqué press sheet, figuring it would clean up easily. This morning I went back to cleaning up in my studio where I had left off yesterday from painting and fusing. Using my handy dandy pot scrubber to take the paint off the press sheet I was welcomed with a colorful surprise. Look at the gold, silver and turquoise flakes! Can’t you just imagine how wonderful they are going to be fused (recycled) into a project!

Today I plan on working on the front end of the Truck Quilt and I’m thinking these flakes may work in somehow. They may be in the front end, below the truck, inside the truck, who knows, time and testing will tell!

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