Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Finding Balance

Lately I have been struggling with finding balance between “Life” and “Studio”. Do you ever have that problem? I have decided to take each day as it comes and be at peace with it, and maybe, just maybe, I will be able to spend a few hours each week in the studio.

Our new little dog, Oreo, is a joy and has become a great encourager for me to go to the Studio. Everyday he runs to the studio and tells me it is time to work. Unfortunately, most days I have to tell him it isn’t time yet. He just loves to sleep at my feet while I am quilting.

He is such a love and tries to help me work on the computer too.

The latest pieces of work to come out of the studio are this versatile piece, “Fall 2016”. The colors remind me of a Fall morning with the changing colors and the left over colors of summer. It can be hung on the wall or lay it on a table as an accent piece. It measures 8”x17.5” and is available in my Etsy shop.

The big project I am working on is a modern quilt. It isn’t a large quilt, but one that can hang on the wall or accent a table. I used the Rising Star pattern for the blue stars and love the way the triangles are quilting.

I’m off to work in the studio and get more quilting done. Enjoy your day and make it a creative one!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Dyeing Day with my Grand-girls

This past weekend I had a great time with two of my grand-girls. One of the first things they wanted to do (besides play with our new dog) was to dye shirts for themselves, one for mom and a onesie for their new brother. And I couldn't resist and dyed one for me too.

We showed them different styles of dyeing and the Shibori techniques that I have been experimenting with. Sadie wanted her shirt wrapped on the PVC pipe and purple dye. Shelby wanted her shirt and mommy's to have rubber bands and navy dye. I wanted the same as Shelby and navy dye too. They decided to do binder clips on the onesie for brother, and since we had a vat of navy dye going, we threw his in.

When our daughter picked up the girls on Sunday we went to lunch and celebrated our freshly dyed shirts. Everyone was thrilled with the outcome.

And I can't forget to post about our new little rescue pup. Oreo is 3 years old and the most passive, gentle and well behaved dog I have every met or had. He was surrendered to the Humane Society of North Texas this past week and we were lucky enough to adopt him. I had been keeping my eye out for a Maltese mix, and I think we hit the big time with this little guy. He does need some TLC and heart worm treatments, but hey, he needed a family to love him and we sure do!

Don't forget that September is World Alzheimer's Awareness month. If you are walking with a team this month for the Walk to End Alzheimer's, give me shout out and let me know! If you would like to donate to a team, please find your local walk and donate to one of the team. Or, you can donate to team Rushing for the Cure, and I will be very grateful for your support.

If you are Twitter, Instagram or Pintrest, let me know. I would love to follow you!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Back to School - Free Shipping!

Back to School Free Shipping!

Get ready for Fall with a new scarf or treat yourself to quilting fabric (since you have the house to yourself again!).

Use Coupon Code BACK2SCHOOL for Free Shipping at check out in my Etsy shop.

Hand Dyed Scarves
I love dyeing fabric and scarves and hankies. Being able to share this love with others gives me a wonderful feeling. When you wear one of the hand dyed scarves, you will always have someone commenting on the color and the uniqueness of the pattern.

The hand dyed fabrics, each of the ice dyed pieces is different and I have started dyeing pieces using the Shibori technique. Today I posted new fat quarters that are in different colors and various Shibori techniques.

Hand Dyed Fat Quarters
Hand Dyed Yards

Do you needlepoint or hand quilt? I have some beautiful DMC pearl cotton to go with your hand work. I love to needlepoint and have hand dyed DMC to work on a project. What a peek? I am doing this to go along with the Four Year Quilt! When I'm done it will be put on a custom made footstool. 

Pearl Cotton

So, enjoy your day and pop on over to StudioJulesArt on Etsy and use your BACK2SCHOOL Free Shipping code in the Coupon Code section of check out. 

Monday, August 1, 2016

The Four Year Quilt

Finally finished! I think I started this quilt in October of 2012, so that would make almost four years in the creative/construction phase. Yards and yards of hand dyed fabric, and don’t ask me how many yards, I forgot to keep track. The blocks of the background fabric, which are in the vertical direction, are container dyed and the horizontal blocks are ice dyed.  The insert fabrics of various colors are container and iced dyed. When calculating how many blocks I would need, I over estimated and made too many. Now I have a throw quilt to match!

The Quilter’s Guild of Dallas held a workshop with CarolTaylor in September of 2012. My friend, Lu Peters, asked me to join her in taking this great workshop and it was much-needed day away from the house.  This was right after my husband had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease (at the age of 57) and I was just a tad bit stressed. During the workshop I knew I wanted to make a new king size quilt for our bedroom and method grabbed me!

Then the decision making process started. What colors for the background? Container or ice dyed? What colors for the inset pieces? Oh, the fun I had being able to spend time with the creative process and in my construction and dye studios.

The curved piecing became a refuge and very therapeutic. I would escape to the studio for bits of time, man the rotary cutter and turn on some music or listen to a book.  Even when we moved last year, and in an apartment for 7 months, I had my big ironing table in one guest room and my portable sewing table in the other. 

You would think I would be tired of this method after 258 - 8inch blocks, but I’m not. I have ideas rolling around in my head for another quilt…after I finish some works in progress.

Thanks for letting me share the process with you! And yes, the pillow shams are ice dyed also. I just can't stop with the ice dying!

Happy sewing and quilting!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Last night the sunset was beautiful!

This morning I woke of thinking about the sunset and realized that I have fabric and scarves in my Etsy shop to match!

Beautiful Red and Yellow

Hand Dyed Red and Yellow

I love dying fabric and sharing it with others. These infinity scarves are made out of Bamboo Cotton and are so soft. Enjoy the eye candy, but jump over to my Etsy shop and purchase one of these scarves so you can enjoy the sunset everyday.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Mother's Day at Studio Jules Art on Etsy

Just in time for Mother's Day! Jump over to my Etsy shop, Studio Jules Art, and pick out a sweet infinity scarf or hankie for your mom! For those of you that are TCU fans or support the Alzheimer's Association, there are some scarves that are just the right colors!

Infinity Scarf in Deep Purple and Wisteria

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Finally - Back in the Studio and Back on Etsy

This past year has been a whirlwind with moving and getting settled in our new home. I love our new home, it is the perfect size and location for us. My studio has been separated into two rooms, but it works well. My construction studio has wonderful windows and faces the south and the studio with all the fabric faces the west with a huge two story blocking the sun. Bonus!

 Yesterday I re-opened my Etsy shop. Right now I have hand dyed and ice dyed scarves and hankies listed. Pop on over and take a peek! The colors are awesome!

I'll be posting more hankies and scarves this week and then I will post fabrics and notions. 

Glad to be back in the land of the creative! Enjoy your day!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Collecting Treasures

Recently, Mr. Wonderful and I vacationed, collecting family history information. One of my hobbies is family genealogy and I have hit a brick wall with part of my dad's family. I have had to come to the conclusion that some things just aren't to be found. Especially since they didn't document births and deaths in the early to mid 1800's.

While driving through these small mid-west towns we occasionally stopped to do some antique shopping, hoping I would find a wonderful old quilt.  I didn't find a quilt, but I found a wonderful thread box and three antique irons.

The irons are older then the ones I had already collected for my Studio. One of the irons has "Memphis" on the handle. I would imagine these date back to the 1800's.

The thread box isn't old, but I love the color and the charm. As for the thread box, well I'm sure it will collect all sorts of treasures in my Studio. The size is perfect for my hutch in the Studio.

Before we left on vacation I took a wonderful Shibori - Indigo dye workshop with Suzanne Morgan. What a wonderful day! Here are some of the treasures I dyed. I couldn't wait to get home and dye some more using the methods I learned.

Enjoy your day, your week and your summer. Be sure, especially during this Memorial Weekend, to thank every service person you come across. Without their dedication to serving our country, we wouldn't have the freedoms that we do.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Time Flies and Art Updates

I can't believe it has been 5 months since I posted updates. Time really flies when you are busy!

The Alzheimer's art show at Lover's Lane UMC was wonderful. We had a few pieces sell and I'm proud to say that "In Flight" was one of them. The luncheon reception was great, getting to talk to church members about the art and about our walk with Jeff's Alzheimer's Disease.
Here are a few pictures from the show.
Shattered Curves hung with the
atrium as a backdrop

One wall of the show - MRI Mirage
and In Flight on this wall

Dallas Area Fiber Artists members enjoying the show.

This week I was able to end the drought of not being in the studio. I basted a quilt a few days ago and yesterday I switched up and pulled out an art quilt I started a couple of years ago and went back to work on the applique' process. Several years ago, Jeff and I vacationed in Charleston, SC. Love that city and all the history and architecture. We took a photo walking tour one day and I took so many wonderful pictures and was able to start looking at things a different way. One picture I took was of a pebble stone walkway. The texture and colors really drew me in. Here is a picture of my end of day process yesterday. I'm going to place it on hand dyed cotton batting, the batting will show through and give an additional texture to the piece.

I have more art news to post, but due to time, I'll post it as soon as I get a moment. 

I've been pondering the idea of separating my art blog and my blogging about our journey with Alzheimer's Disease. I realize many of you want to read about both, but there are some that may want to just read about my art journey and some may just want to read about our Alzheimer's journey. So, as soon as I can get it set up, look for another page on my blog called "Alzheimer's - Rushing Style".

Monday, September 9, 2013

Alzheimer's Video and Walk to End Alzheimer's

Jeff and I had the pleasure of being interviewed by the Alzheimer's Association/Dallas Chapter a few weeks ago. This video will be used to help raise awareness of Alzheimer's and hopefully help other couples know that they are not alone in this life changing diagnosis.
Here is our video. I hope you enjoy viewing it and pass it on to others that may need a bit a reassurance.

There are so many people, young people, being diagnosed with Alzheimer's. I can't tell you the devastation we felt when we received the diagnosis. This past year-and-a-half has been an emotional roller coaster and we have been blessed by friends, family and so many people praying for us.

The Alzheimer's Association plays a vital role in giving support to families dealing with Alzheimer's.  When you link to their website, there are several ways you can contact the Alzheimer's Association for information and support.

Next month is the Dallas Walk to End Alzheimer's. If you would like to donate to to walk, here is my link for donations. The Dallas Walk to End Alzheimer's is October 5, 2013. If you want to walk to help spread the word and raise funds for research and Caregiver care, please find a walk near you, or come join us on the 5th!

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Getting Ready for Alzheimer's Awareness

September is Alzheimer's Awareness month. In prior posts I told you about the Dallas Area Fiber Artists show at Lover's Lane United Methodist Church during the month of September to help raise awareness of Alzheimer's. Here is the flyer for the show. I am quite honored that Shattered Curves was chosen as the promo artwork of the show.

This mission is so near and dear to my heart. This past year has had its ups and downs. Trying to understand the disease we are now living with and working out new schedules and routines. Jeff and I have been able to travel and spend time with our grandkids (number 6 was born just this week). I'm blessed that we have so many good days right now and have been able to start working with the Dallas Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association.

The Dallas Chapter Walk to End Alzheimer's is October 5th.  We are blessed by the dedication of Venture Mechanical in forming a team again this year. If you would like to support my goal in fund raising for the "Rushing for the Cure" team, click here. You can also join our team from the same link.

Jeff and I are dedicated in doing our part to raise awareness for research and caregiver support. One way I am working to making a difference is dedicating part of the proceeds of each piece of artwork I sell to the Walk to End Alzheimer's and each piece I make from here on will be with an Alzheimer's theme.

This blog was started to talk about and show my art. It will now play a duel roll in artwork and talking about Alzheimer's. I feel it is important for me to be able to have an avenue to talk about what it is like to live the life of a wife of someone with Alzheimer's and how it is affecting my art and my life.

I hope you will join me in this journey, I will enjoy your company!


Sunday, July 14, 2013

Things I Have Learned...

I’ve been working on my latest quilt “Down the Drain”. I used one copy of the pattern to place behind my white base fabric to use to position my applique pieces properly. At one point I wasn't pleased the way the flow was coming across, so I started “unfusing” (aka, peeling off) some of the pieces (so thankful for Misty Fuse!). Ugh, the black ink from the pattern had transferred onto the back of the white fabric and was showing through.  Lesson learned, watch the way I fuse from now on. I did grab a new piece of white fabric and transferred the other pieces over, without the pattern behind the fabric.

Down the Drain - in process
I like the way the quilt is flowing now and I’m creating most of the pieces without the pattern. Here’s a peek at what I have accomplished so far. My deadline for this quilt is growing closer, so I need to get busy and get back in the Studio for some serious fusing time.

When I was frustrated with the black ink transferring to the white fabric, I had to step out of the Studio and do something different. So, I made my way down to the Dye Studio and tried a few “sink dyeing” ideas I had been thinking about. When I was about to pull the fat quarter out sink I went looking for my drying racks. Hmmmm, where were they? Mr. Wonderful has been a little OCD about straightening the garage lately. Second lesson learned that day, when Mr. Wonderful comes to me and says, “Look how much more room we have around your car”, I need to start asking where my drying racks are and my other treasures in the garage. He had done it again, stored “my stuff” in the upper cabinets where I can’t reach them. He wasn’t using them, so they could be stored out of the way, right? My drying racks are now safely (I hope) stored under my dye table.

MRI Mirage
I have completed “MRI Mirage”. Here is the final picture of it. It is ready to be entered in the DAFA / Alzheimer’s show. This is my favorite quilt, right now. I love the dept of the colors and how the deep center draws you in.

Back to the Studio I go! Have a creative day everyone!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

New Projects in the Works!

Oh, there has been so much going on. I just do not know where to start. I have not posted in so long due to staying busy with things around the house and travelling, and you know how I love to travel!

My interview with the “Save our Stories” program of Quilt Alliance has been published online. Click here to access my interview. I am so excited that it has been published and is part of quilt history. “Save Our Stories” is such an important program for our industry and fiber history.

The Dallas Area Fiber Artists will be presenting a show at Lovers Lane UMC, Dallas, Texas, in September 2013, to promote Alzheimer’s awareness. You know this cause is near and dear to my heart and I am so pleased that the LLUMC Foundation asked us to present this show and that we are able to partner with the Alzheimer’s Association, Dallas Chapter.  I am blessed by the committee because they chose my Shattered Curves quilt as the promo quilt for the show. Luckily, it will be back from the Sacred Threads Quilt Show in time for the “Let’s Make Alzheimer’s a Distant Memory” show in September.

If you are a local artist and would like to enter art work for the show, here is a link to the information for entering. The theme of the show is "The Mind's Eye". All work is to be related to Alzheimer's and all work must be for sale. The sale proceeds will go to support the Alzheimer's Association (Dallas Chapter), LLUMC Foundation and the artist.

MRI Mirage
Down the Drain

I am working on two projects to enter into the show. Here is a peek at both projects.  Right now, the first layer of MRI Mirage is fused and basted for quilting. After I quilt this layer, I will add another layer of hand dyed sheers. I have thread for most of the quilt, but I think I need to make a trip to the quilt shop to look for more thread. Yum!

Down the Drain is coming along. Seems that I'm working from left and right and going to join the two sides in the middle. Lots of little pieces in this one. I just love being able to design art quilts and use my own hand dyed fabrics.

Okay, to start quilting with the thread I have.
Happy creating everyone!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Happy News!

Shattered Curves
This past week has been full of happy news. Last week I received an email that "Shattered Curves" was accepted into the Sacred Threads Quilt Show in Fairfax, VA. This is super exciting for me and I wish I could go to VA for the show. There are so many wonderful and talented art quilters who have pieces in the show. Several are SAQA members and I feel so blessed to be showing with them.

This quilt is also the promo quilt for an upcoming show the Dallas Area Fiber Artists are having in the Watson Gallery at Lovers Lane United Methodist Church, Dallas, TX. The show is in September to raise awareness for Alzheimer's. The Dallas Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association is also involved in planning this show. The title of the show is "Let's Make Alzheimer's a Distant Memory". All of the art work for this show will be made to the theme "The Mind's Eye". I know with all of the talented artists in the Dallas Area Fiber Artist and surrounding areas, it will be a fantastic show. Part of the proceeds from the show will go to support the Dallas Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association and the Art Foundation of Lovers Lane UMC.

The next part of my happy news is Monday night was the closing reception for the Dallas Area Fiber Artists Annual Show. "The Truck Quilt" was awarded Best in Show! I am still pinching myself to see if it is true or if I'm dreaming. There were so many wonderful pieces in this show, I am so blessed to be associated with so many talented and generous people.

Now, hopefully I will get some studio time tomorrow, along with embroidering labels for Baptism Quilts for church.

Happy Creating!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Snow Day = Snow Dyeing!

It feels good to be back in the Studio and being productive. Lately, I have been working on a new quilt for our bedroom (pictures to follow in a later post).

Earlier this week I enjoyed sitting at my machine and the sun shining on my back.

The next morning we woke up to a surprise snow.

Since enough had accumulated on the outdoor kitchen counter it was time for some snow dyeing. I pulled some of my favorite colors (Carmine Red, Teal, Golden Yellow and Wedgewood Blue) and sprinkled them dry on the snow covered fabric. 

One yard was put into a container with the snow, just to see how it would melt out. 
Container Snow Dyed
The container piece has it’s pluses and minuses, but I think the parts that look dark will be great surface work pieces.
Here are how the other four pieces turned out. They are all wonderful and I can see so many different uses and whole cloth quilts in each one. 

Can you see an English Garden?

Sunset over the mountains
Firework explosion.
Fall vegetable garden

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Studio Pictures Finally!

With all of the hustle and bustle of the holidays and completing the Studio, I forgot to post pictures. Please, please, please pardon my tardiness. I just love the way the Studio looks. The cheery yellow is perfect and gives an energy that was needed. My design wall is insulation board covered with black diaper flannel. My husband framed the insulation panels with 1x2's on the back and they hang on another piece of wood so the panels can be moved, if needed.
The floor is 5/8" foam flooring that looks like hardwood. Oh my goodness, it makes such a difference to stand on and it cleans up with a dust mop. If I ever damage one of the tiles too seriously I can pop it up and replace it with one of the ones that was left over.

Entry into the Studio
My old grey flat files got a makeover
with white spray paint.

Standing at the work wall looking back into the room.
Future quilt patterns lay on the table, waiting to be filed.

The cupboards hold my library and
additional fabrics stored in bins.
I hadn't unpacked all of my library and
treasures when I took this picture.
Fabric and thread storage. I know, not enough fabric.
But I'm not showing you the fabric stored in a closet.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Studio Update

Thought you might like to see the sight of my spare bedrooms. When we unloaded my studio last week all of my treasures (aka fabric, notions, machines, mixed media items, patterns, etc) took up the space in three guest rooms, the office/playroom and one bathtub (that's the part that kills Mr. Wonderful). Here are the pic's for your amusement.

Cabinet top from the Hutches
Patterns are getting sleep on the bed in
the "Pink Bedroom"

Mixed Media storage found a
home in the bathroom

Other Mixed Media found a home in the
other bathroom

Fabric, pool noodles and other items
are sleeping in the tub for now
Boxes of fabric, fabric bins and boxes of books and
pictures are in the "Twin Bedroom"

The Fabric / Thread Cabinets and the Ironing
Table in the Office/Playroom
Iron Cart and too many other things
are in the "Red, White and Blue" Bedroom

The Studio is complete on being painted. I just have one more flat file to spray paint white and the floor to install. Hopefully we will be done in just a few days and then the "Reveal"!