Friday, August 11, 2017

It's Almost My Birthday!

Oh my goodness! My birthday is sneaking up on me. It's time for my annual Birthday gift to Studio Jules Art on Etsy customers!

Here it is: FREE SHIPPING until the end of the month. Just click on this Link or copy the Coupon Code HAPPYBIRTHDAY and you will receive Free Shipping on any size order. Order as much or as little as you like, the Free Shipping is my Birthday Present to YOU!

Happy Dance!


Thursday, August 10, 2017

Getting Ready for Fall Classes

I've been busing working on the schedule for my Fall classes and making a few class samples. The classes that I have developed are listed on the Calendar of Classes and Workshops page. Just hit the tab and it will take you there.

My dye classes are fun! My first class I think I had way too much for my students to do, so I have broken it up into two classes, Container and Ice Dyeing and Shibori Dyeing. This way we have plenty of time and aren't rushed to get everything done. My first class was so much fun and everyone came away with great pieces.



So check out my page on classes and come join me! I promise it will be a day to dye for and I will keep you in stitches!


Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Good Morning!

Happy Summer Solstice! 

The longest day of the year. How are you going to spend it? 

Me? Well, it is a busy and long day. This is the day the Alzheimer's Association recognizes caregivers and our neurologist is having a gathering at her office today. Part of the gathering today will be the unveiling of my quilt MRI Mirage, which I have donated to Texas Alzheimer's and Memory Disorders. It will be on permanent installation in the reception area. I'm pretty excited!

More pictures tomorrow of the unveiling.

You have the entire day, go create!

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Where Has the Time Gone!

What a busy year I am having! So busy that I think about blogging and then in the evening I’m too tired to think, much less make sense in a blog post. So, I told my self last night, blog in the mornings while you are having your first glass of green tea. Perfect.

What has kept me so busy you ask? Besides the normal caregiving duties with Mr. Wonderful, I have revised my “To Do” list a couple of times. The marker board in my studio has gone from listing shows to enter to a list of things to get accomplished, because the list keeps growing and I can’t keep up.

Waves of Color

Reflections in the Sea

In April, the Dallas Area Fiber Artists had their annual show. My petit-point piece, Waves of Color, came in Third Place. The other exciting news is that my piece, Reflections in the Sea, sold!

Angel of Mercy
Last month, I entered, and was accepted into, a SAQA Regional show in Abilene, TX. Texas Quilts: Art in Stitch. Very excited about this show. The quilt that will be showing is Angel of Mercy.

To add to my list of “To Do’s”, I pulled a group of friends together and we put together 13 quilts for Jeff’s neurologist office for The Longest Day
. Last year they had caregivers write on muslin blocks with the idea of a quilt.  Well, it turned into 13 smaller quilts to be hung in their exam rooms and hallway.

As if I don’t have enough to do, I decided to start teaching beginning quilting classes from the house. This way I can share my love for quilting and also be here to care for Mr. Wonderful. These ladies Rock! And we have so much fun. Right now they just have one more class and then we are going to start a Sampler Class. I’m almost done with my sample quilt and have had a great time deciding what blocks they are going to make.

I’m also writing curriculum for a “Quilt as You Go” class and have bought a couple of patterns of Modern Quilts to teach.

In a week I am having my first Dye Workshop and the class is full! We are going to try various ways of dyeing, such as gradient, ice dyeing, traditional dyeing, and Shibori. It should be a fun day and people that are coming are from various groups I am involved in and neighbors. I’m looking forward to posting pictures after the class.

Okay, I think I have caught you up on my busy schedule and I am going to make more of an effort to blog in the mornings before life gets me too tired to make sense! There is so much to tell you, but I’ll save some of it for future posts.

Don't forget, if you are trying to keep up with me a little more often than my blog posts, follow Studio Jules Art on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. I can usually take a quick picture and post a few times a week!

Happy Creating!


Tuesday, February 28, 2017

How I Hang My Quilts – Part Two

After my previous blog post I have had several questions on preparing my quilts for hanging.  So, I decided to post a follow up to answer and elaborate on the process.

First: The sleeve – depending on size of your quilt and if you are going to show it in a quilt show or just hang it at home, the sleeve size can vary. If you are going to show your quilt in a quilt and/or art show, you need to follow the guidelines of the show. Normally for a large quilt (over 24” wide), your sleeve needs to be 4” deep. If it is a smaller quilt, you will want a 2” deep sleeve.  When preparing your sleeve, remember to allow for your seam allowance when cutting (yes, I have made this mistake).

Second: Attaching the sleeve to your quilt – I hand stitch my sleeve to the back of my quilt coming down about an inch from the top of the quilt. You don’t want it too far down or your quilt will not hang flat and you don’t want it right at the top, because you need to allow a little it of slack in the sleeve to allow for the board or quilt rod when hanging.

Now the fun stuff.

If you are going to show your quilt in an art show and you need to wire your quilt for museum hanging, here are your instructions.

Purchase hanging wire from the hardware store (not monofilament line! Monofilament line will stretch). I was lucky and found covered mirror wire at Home Depot a few weeks ago. This is great, because then you don’t have to cover the cut end of the wire with tape.

Wrap the wire around one of the “D” rings on the board, after you have inserted it into your quilt-hanging sleeve.

Measure out enough wire to go to the other “D” ring, leaving enough room for wrapping and a little bit of slack.

Wrap the wire around the second “D” ring. If you do not have covered mirror wire, tape the ends of your wire so they do not fray and hurt the back of your quilt.

Now, make sure you don’t have too much slack in the wire. I don’t like it to come above the top of the board.

Using your handy dandy staple gun and 1/4” staples, staple two staples on each side of the middle to stabilize the wire. You don’t want your quilt going wonky during the art show or on the wall at home.

Ta Da! You are done!

Happy Creating, Jules

Saturday, February 4, 2017

The To-Do List and How I Hang My Quilts

Do you make To-Do Lists? Do they help you keep organized and on track? Me? I’m a list maker. Now and when I worked in the business/banking/finance world. So many things get thrown at me during the day, it is how I manage to stay on track and prioritize.

When I worked in the business world, I used the “Task” function on my calendar to help me keep track of when reports were due and other tasks.  Today I keep track of things that need to be done around the house and in the Studio on paper and with the “Reminders” and “Notes” apps on my iPhone. I especially like the “Reminders” app for when I have things to do outside the house.

This past week and I had several things to get done and decided to write them down. I like seeing the piece of paper and where I am on my tasks and the accomplishment of getting things done. And I got so much done that day! I felt great and was ready for the next day. Then I awoke with a migraine that had me in bed all day long. L

One of the things on my list this weekend has been to hang make the boards I use for my quilts and get Reflections in the Sea hung in the hallway. While I was doing this I thought I would do a tutorial so you can see how I do this. It is a great way to hang quilts at home and at certain gallery showings. I am a member of the Dallas Area FiberArtists and we have our annual show at ThePoint, at C. C. Young in Dallas. This hanging method works great with their system.

First I go to the local hardware store and purchase a piece of word ¼” thick and 4” wide. The length varies depending on the width of my quilt. At Home Depot and Lowes have pre-cuts and they will make a few cuts for free, so I had measured what I needed before I went and had them cut the wood for me.

When I got home I got out the hangers I had purchased at Hobby Lobby and measured where I needed to screw them in. I place them towards the top of the board so the quilt will hang as close to the wall as possible.  

Now you will notice in the pictures I used one of the gripper pads under the board so the board doesn’t slip while screwing the board in. Very helpful, you don’t want to be fighting the board while you are trying to get the screw and screwdriver to cooperate.

After I screw the hangers in, my husband use to snip off the sharp end and grind it down on the grinder, so it wouldn’t mare the quilt. Well, my sweet friend, Lu Peters, came up with an easier idea of using the felt feet we buy for the bottom of chairs and placing them on the back of the screw. How easy is that!

Now, you will notice on my boards, I have written the name of the quilt. I make sure to write this with a Sharpie on the back of the board. You won’t want it showing through the front or heaven forbid, bleeding into the quilt if water hits it. I have so many quilts, writing the name on the board helps when they are at a show or when you are moving. This made it so much easier when we moved last year and I was hanging the quilts in the house.

Here is Reflections in the Sea hung in my hallway.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. Bookmark it so you can come back to it any time and pass it on to your friends!



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