Monday, March 19, 2018

Dallas Quilt Show / Upcoming Dye Workshops

Boy, I've been in recovery mode since the Dallas Quilt Show. It was a great show and I won an Honorable Mention for Prism Refraction.

Studio Jules Art Booth at the Dallas Quilt Show

Prism Refraction with its Honorable Mention Ribbon
My sweet daughter came to her first quilt show and to support me at the show. I'm so blessed!
Since I have been home, I've been catching up on administrative things and slowly I'm adding new things to the Etsy Shop.

I'm also gearing up for Dye Classes, so if you are local, or if you want to travel, check out my Workshop and Classes section and contact me for a dye workshop.  If you have a group that wants to spend the morning in the studio, I love having groups come over to dye. We have so much fun in all my classes!

Keep your eyes on my class schedule. Quilting classes will be posted for the summer when it is too hot to dye.

Have a creative day!


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