Saturday, July 7, 2018

Fun Week Teaching!

As usual, I’m behind on my bog posts. With that said, I have had the best week teaching.

 Last Saturday, Brenda Keith, with Quilt Shop in the Oaks in Abilene, came with three other wonderful, funny and absolutely awesome ladies for a dye day. These ladies were great, open to learning new things, making a mess and cleaning it up before they left. I truly enjoyed the day of dyeing, showing them new methods, laughing and feeling like I was a new part of their sisterhood.

Thank you Brenda, Maria, Cheri and Terrye for the fun day! I can’t wait to get Show n’ Tell pictures!

Yes, it was HOT. We did our best to stay cool while we were ice dying

Yes, I had to get in on the dying action by making a "sample" piece.

Yesterday I had another great day teaching at Must Love Fabric in Grapevine. My ladies learned my favorite piecing process, Wave Piecing. Yes, this is the method I used on my quilt “Prism Refraction” that won an Honorable Mention at the Dallas Quilt Show this year. I had 11 ladies, some I new already; the others are now new friends.

We spent the day getting past needing a straight edge and being able to cut with a flow. This method is so freeing and you are able to channel your “Inner Improv”.

Thank you ladies for the great day and wonderful conversations. I was on a “teaching high” all evening.

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