Friday, February 2, 2018

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!

What's feeding your creative spirit at the end of the week? Plans for the weekend? Tidy up your creative space? Just a regular day?

Share with me, what's your Friday like?

Today I'm watching the cutest 2 year old EVER! Our daughter is chair of the Father's Daughter Dance at the elementary school, so she is busy setting up and I'll be busy chasing this crazy boy around. I'll work on Etsy shop listings while he naps.

Yes, he is going to dip his salami in his aunt's Dr. Pepper - I told you, he's a crazy boy!

For 2018 I want to start something new. Let's have a daily conversation about what is feeding our creative time. Are you working on a project with a deadline? Are you cleaning your creative space? Are you designing a new project? Are you stuck? Are you getting ready to submit a quilt or project to a show? Are you learning new techniques? I want to hear, I want to learn and I want us to join in conversation.

Join me here every day or join the conversation on my Facebook page. Let's keep the conversation and networking active.

Rules of engagement:

Rule #1 - As I tell my grandkids - Have Fun with the conversation
Rule #2 - Post your inspirations, thoughts, and questions
Rule #3 - only positive feedback. No bashing or criticism. If someone asks for feedback, be honest, but be kind and constructive. If comments are hurtful, they will not be published.




Jules Rushing said...

This little guy is keeping me busy today! 2 year old and the grocery daughter is a saint. I don't know how she gets her shopping done.

Jo said...

still working on hand stitching. some of my creativity comes from our conversations and drooling over your beautiful, artful, fabric. love you!

Lu Peters said...

Today my creativity is finishing up the last details for the DAFA show entry. Labels and ID tags, and covering the dress form for my vest entry. up the wreckage in my studio, so next week I can begin to execute some new ideas! Thanks Jules for the inspirations!