Monday, January 10, 2011

Where has the time gone?

Can't believe we are 10 days into January and I feel like I am so far behind already! Oh well, guess that is what happens when you start off the year with recovering from surgery. I looked back to what I blogged a year ago for my resolution for my studio for the year. To have a project being quilted, one on the board and one in the design phase....for the major part of the year I kept that one up! Right now I have 5 yards of fabric in the garage covered with snow and dye. I love this process! Today I realized one reason why, I'm a big fan of snow cones in the summertime, and these look like huge snowcones! I promise not to eat them, only to drool over the fabric when they are done. Here are the pics!

To add to my schedule this week, I decided open an Etsy shop in addition to my Art Fire studio. Spreading the love around, plus so many people know about Etsy and don't know about Art Fire, so I decided to jump on the wagon and try Etsy out. The links are on the right hand side bar. My Etsy shop is named StudioJulesArt.

I've started on the Sketchbook Challenge. I haven't done very much, but some. I'll post pictures tomorrow of what I've done.


Connie said...

I refuse to think of it as being "behind" - rather I am going at my own pace. Happy Creating & continued healing.

Simple Mama said...

Oh my gosh..this looks awesome! Can you post a tutorial? I want to learn how to do this!