Thursday, January 20, 2011

It Feels Good to be Creative Again

It sure does feel good to feel creative again. I'm in the studio concentrating on fabric today. One of the discussion groups I am part of has been talking about containers that we dye in. Well, all the discussion really got me in the mood to dye fabric today. It is so cold outside that I didn't want to spend time in the garage mixing dyes and arranging fabric to dye. So I hauled the containers and dye upstairs to my studio and have several yards of fabric dyeing along with some tops that I have bought to dye. Two containers are parfait style and one is sort of a parfait, but it is just one blouse with two colors. I wanted a camp shirt that is brown and turquoise, since I wear my turquoise jewelry a lot. Hope it turns out the way I want, if not, oh well! That is one of the things I love about parfait dyeing, the results are always a surprise.

I decided to get the fabric dyeing and then start on my truck quilt. I just have a little bit of painting left to do on it and some surface techniques. I fused it all down the other day. I'm planning out the quilting too. Hopefully I will get the quilting sketched out this afternoon and then I'll be ready to go tomorrow morning after I run my errands and do come cooking and baking for a party on Saturday. I plan on quilting a barn and a windmill into the background.

Okay, have an artful day everyone!


queenopearls said...

I really like your blog and am inspired by your parfait dying. Promise you'll post photos of your results after rinsing! :)

Jules Rushing said...

Thanks Christina! I promise to post the results! Part of the fun of dyeing fabric is showing if off when it is done! I may be a few days, but I'll post!

Wen Redmond said...

Doesn't that look like Merlin's been there. Very colorful!