Monday, January 17, 2011

It’s Been a Good Day!

My day started off wonderful! Got up, checked the email and someone had bought some of my dyed fabric! To make it even sweeter, one of the pieces is one that I snow dyed last week. Whoo Hoo!
So, I made sure to workout, but I think I forgot to have breakfast and celebrated the sale by myself. While I was getting ready for the day I decided it was time to put forward some of the “Branding” information I have been reading on the internet, Etsy and ArtFire. First I decided to continue with the header I have on my blog, Etsy and ArtFire shops and put it on my “Sales Receipt/Packing Slip”. I just copied the packing slip information over from Paypal and made my own! This way I was able to personalize my message at the bottom and made sure all my websites were accounted for.
Next, I pressed white gift tissue, yes, I ironed gift tissue. I want it to look nice! Then I printed out clear labels with my ArtFire and Etsy shop web addresses and I pulled out some of my hand painted fabric scraps and cut a strip to use as a bow. After I wrapped up the fabric, I used one of the labels to secure the gift tissue, and then tied it up with the hand painted fabric! Doesn’t it look pretty! I know printed gift tissue paper would look nicer, but I don’t want to run the risk of any of the dyes from the paper to leave a mark on these beautiful fabrics.
The next branding/marketing idea I put to use was printing out “Return Customer” discount cards. It is a marketing strategy talked about on one of the Etsy forums. I thought this was a grand idea, so I put it into action.
Okay, so now I’m off to post new artwork on Etsy and ArtFire!


Anonymous said...

Congrats Jules!! Your Snow-dyed fabric was fabulous!!

Jules Rushing said...

Thanks Katina! I'll bring them for Show and Tell at the DAFA meeting next week! Missed you Saturday!