Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Weekend Project

Reupholstry Project Complete!!! Remember my last post and the ugly chair that I showed? Well, here is the finished project! Thanks to my wonderful husband, Jeff. I just don't know what I would do without him, and I don't want to find out either! Reupholstering this chair that I brought home from his aunts' house last year was a challenge. I'm an artist/quilter, not a home dec person, even though I've made most of our curtains and a few other things around the house. Home dec items frustrate me, but I always end up doing them instead of paying someone to do them for me...and I always wish I had paid someone to do them at some point during the project. I'm very proud of this chair and can't wait to sit in it and read to my grandkids, and watch them sit in it while they are playing. I've put it in our playroom, flanked by my antique quilt collection. It is at the top of the stairs, so I can see it and smile everytime I walk up the stairs or come out of my studio.
Now, on to other projects. The construction company guys are to be here any minute to put in my window. The Studio is cleared out and ready. After they are finished drying in the window this afternoon and the Studio is cleaned, I'll start putting everything back in the Studio. Our daughter and her twins arrive tomorrow night, so I have to get organized and get their rooms cleaned out for them!
While the guys are working on the window I'm going to quilt three little doll quilts I put together last week out of scraps. I moved one of my sewing machines down to the family room so I can work on them.
Have a great day everyone! I'll post window pictures as soon as I can!

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