Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Studio Update

Well, I sit anxiously anticipating the new window for my Studio. For those of you that don't know, my studio is in the room the builder designated as the "media room" of the house, so no window! I've worked in here for 4 years without a window and am about to go crazy. I am a daylight person, being in a room without daylight is well, stifling my creative mood. So, this week I'm getting a window! It was suppose to be installed yesterday, but the window hasn't come in yet, so it has been put off to tomorrow or Friday, if it comes in.....
Now in anticipation of the window and all the dust from cutting the Sheetrock and hardy board, Jeff and I cleaned out all of my fabric, books, machines and trinkets on Saturday. This way it is going to easier to dust and clean when they are done. Where did we put everything? Well, I know most of you won't be surprised, we filled the three guestrooms! Since the window has been put off, a few things have come back into the room, like my Bernina, iron, some fabric to play with....
Pulling out all of my fabric bins ignited the urge to do some piecing. It has been several months since I just sat down and pieced a little quilt together. The twins are coming to town next week, they may need doll quilts. I have also gotten tired of looking at the chair I brought back from Aunt Marie's last year. I've bought the fabric and I think today is the day that it is going to start getting a new skin. It may need new guts too, but I hope it isn't too bad.... In this picture it is missing its arms and legs, Jeff has already stripped the stain off of them and I just need to pick out the new stain. Sounds like a good July 4th weekend project!
Okay, so here are before and getting ready for the pictures of the studio. After the new window is put in, I'll post the new pictures!
Thanks for following my Studio Adventure!

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