Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Window Installation Complete!

The window installation in my Studio is complete! You just would not believe the difference it makes. Every time I walk into the Studio, I just take a deep breath and smile. The window faces south, so I will have great daylight all day and all year. I told my husband that when I’m sitting at my sewing machine I’ll be singing the old John Denver song, “Sunshine on my shoulder makes me HAPPY!!!!” Here are a few before and after pictures.
This is the wall where the window will be.The window is going next to my thread and fabric cabinets.We had to move the thread cabinet over to make room for the workers to install the window. It's leaning up against my work wall.During Construction ~ After they cut the sheet rock and realized there were wires in the wall and needed different lumber to secure the header of the window it started raining! At least the rain stopped in time for them to cut the Hardy board and set the window.Ahhhhhh....Daylight!Window and cabinets, back in place. And no, this is not all the fabric I own. Some of it is stored away.

This is my work and ironing tables that Jeff and Ben made me for Christmas. My flat files are underneath, storing my patterns, current projects, beads, buttons, stamps, and other mixed media items.

We have been enjoying our daughter and her twins being here for the past week. They are still in town and will be here until almost the end of the month. Last week while I was feeling a little displaced with the Studio cleared out ready for construction, I made a few doll quilts for them and one of their play friends. I used the scraps from the quilts I made the girls when they were born for these.
The rest of this week, I am going to work on finishing the angel quilts that I have started. I’m anxious to finish these and get on to some other projects. When Jeff and I were at dinner last night he asked me what I was going to work on and what my design plans are. After I told him my plans, then others popped up in my brain as I was talking!
So, I guess it is time to get a few things done on the computer, shut it off and get busy!
Have a great week everyone!

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