Monday, March 22, 2010

Dyeing Fabric on Saturday

I spent the day Saturday dyeing fabric. I have several books on dyeing, so I just kind of took from all of them and did some experimenting. The turquoise fabric is going to be a new jacket from a pattern I bought last week at the Dallas Quilt Celebration. The Fuchsia fabric is beautiful. I just love that color! The Chartreuse fabric looks so soft and very modeled. I added a salt water mixture to the Chartreuse dye mix, that may have added caused the dye to move differently in the fabric, I really like the movement. I also over-dyed some pink silk that I purchased several years ago. I think the deeper color looks very rich.
The Fuchsia has some modeling in it, but not as much as the Chartreuse.
I over-dyed a piece of commercial fabric in the turquoise, along with the PFD fabric. I want to use it as the back of the jacket I am going to make. I also tied one piece of the turquoise to give the lines across it. Hopefully this is enough for the collar of the jacket.
Well, my next posting will be on the snow dyeing I did yesterday. Since is snowed Saturday night I was able to test this process out too! Need to go set the fabric to dry!
Stay tuned for the next post!

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