Saturday, July 18, 2009

Technique Day!

Today is a beautiful day! A cold front moved into North Texas and it is only going to be in the 90's today!!!! What a change from our triple digit heat. Knowing that we are going to have beautiful sunshine today I really want to get out and paint fabric. My trust worthy husband and son are cleaning and sealing the concrete area for my paint station in the back yard. I am so looking forward to this!! (can you tell?) Anyway, I thought I would work on through some of the techniques that I need to catch-up on with my online group (we're using Fabric Art Workshop by Susan Stein). The first lesson I started on this morning is scanning and printing on fabric cotton and organza. When Jeff's aunt died earlier this year and we cleaned out her house, I came home with a load of keys she had from her Real Estate days. I've scanned them in and have put some of my hand painted fabric behind them for color. I just didn't like the white background, I have to have color! The first two pictures have the white background. As you can see I controlled the color temperature and saturation to make the image black and white.

These next images have the hand painted fabric behind them and I have tweeked the color temp and saturation to make the background pop and and fall flat.

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