Saturday, July 25, 2009

New Books to Review

Today is one of those days when I just couldn't climb the stairs and work in my Studio. Without a window to let the sunshine in, well, I just needed daylight today...the window is coming, I just don't know when.
So, I have reorganized my Blog a little bit and have added a page to my Face Book for StudioJules. I'm going to post book reviews and such out there and I hope you will sign up as a "Fan" and let me know what books you are reading and using in your art.
The two books I have in front of me now are "Clothdolls for Textile Artists" by Ray Slater and "Stitch Dissolve Distort with Machine Embroidery" by Valerie Campbell-Harding & Maggie Grey.
I am looking through "Stitch Dissolve Distort with Machine Embroidery" for some ideas to use on the Sunflower Quilts I'm working on right now. The results should be very interesting!
The "Clothdolls for Textile Artists" book is one that I have been wanting for awhile, so I bought it when Interweave was running their last sale. I can't wait to dive into making some Angel Dolls with the techniques they have in this book.
If you have used either of these books let me know what your thoughts!

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