Monday, July 20, 2009

Sunflower Quilts

Okay, you know I'm addicted to Sunflowers...first it was the shawl, now I'm working on developing two quilts. The pictures above are of a sunflower in my garden, I love the size and the colors in these flowers. I saw some sunflower pictures on the Internet that had water dripping from the petals, so I sprayed water on these flowers and started snapping pictures! After I uploaded the pictures I enhanced the color temp and saturation. Now it is up to me to choose the fabrics! As you know I love batiks and I love my hand painted fabrics, so one quilt will be out of batiks and one out of hand painted fabrics. I am anxious to see the difference in texture and moods these fabrics will bring to the eye, along with some mixed media. Hope you enjoy the adventure with me!

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