Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sorting and Organizing

Today I'm sorting through fabric, notions, trim....whatever else I find in my studio. I'm getting ready to post items on ArtFire. As soon as "Studio Jules" is up and running I'll put my link out for you to follow. The reason I'm sorting and organizing is because I'm in the midst of remodeling my Studio. It used to be a media room and I desperately need a window. Since the window is going where I have all of my thread racks (and I have a lot of thread!), I need to a new home for my thread. I also have fabric and trim that I brought home from cleaning out Aunt Marie’s house and need to organize all of these treasures. With all of this remodeling and cleaning out I decided to open an Artfire account and sell some of the fabric and trim I’m not going to use. So watch my Blog for the Grand Opening of "Studio Jules" on ArtFire!

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