Friday, June 12, 2009

Last Day in Santa Fe!

Today is our last day in Santa Fe! Yesterday we went to Taos, we took the scenic drive up and I took several pictures of the snow that was on top of the mountains. Can you believe snow in June! Being from Texas, it's unheard of! Anyway, I wanted to go to LaLana Wool in Taos. What a wonderful shop! They had great purses and clothing that were hand dyed and woven. What I was really excited about was the raw wool, wool blends and silk they have, raw and dyed. I bought some of both! I was amazed with the colors and varieties of wool and silk. Some of the skeins were not just dyed once, some had multiple color blends. I bought one that is a yellow/green and indigo blend. It is gorgeous and totally different from what I usually buy color wise. They even had wool straight off the sheep! I could still smell the sheep! I have been around sheep before when I was very young; I forgot how soft and oily the wool can be. It brought back wonderful memories of being at a friend’s house and going out to see the sheep. One of the finds I bought there were these little snippets of dyed wool that you can buy by the ounce. I bought several colors and can’t wait to use them!

Anyway, back to my finds in Taos. This wonderful little shop also carries flower deadheads to use for creating your own dyes. The sales lady told me of the wonderful bookstore in the Plaza and so I ventured there next and bought several books on creating my own home dyes with flowers and plants. After I read through them some more I give you a review of the books.

So, go to their website and see what they have. I haven’t even touched the surface on telling you about the wonderful inventory they have. The Saleswoman that helped me was wonderful and wrote in detail on my sales ticket what I bought so I will know what to reorder from home!

Off to site see some more!!!!

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