Thursday, June 25, 2009

Painting Fabric with the Grandgirls

Yesterday my daughter-in-law, Amanda, and I painted t-shirts in my studio with my grandgirls. Nickola and Betty had a lot of fun, well Betty lost interest after one shirt and was ready for a nap. Nickola could have painted and painted and painted.

Amanda is a great artist, I love the shirt she painted. After we shut down the studio last night and the kids were asleep, she headed back to my studio and started painting some onsies for Husdon and the grandtwins in California.
It is so much fun to introduce being creative and free thinking with the girls. Nickola is very creative. She had done the hand print method at Pre-School this year, so she had fun with that. I think I'll let her do some more again today, but I need to get busy and prep the fabric for her.
I was up early this morning and I'm painting some PFD (Fabric Ready to Dye) scraps to make purses and journal covers with. Right now the rock salt is curing on the paint. I'm also painting some ladies hankies. Their looking pretty sweet!
I'm trying some different techniques today with the paints. I'll let you know later what I did and how they turned out. Till then, have a sunshine day!

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