Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It is Always Good to Sleep on it

When in doubt about certain fabrics you have put in a quilt, it is always good to sleep on it and have a fresh view the next day. And that is what I did. The blue in the middle of this quilt just seemed too dark and a little off. The colors of the swirls are more in harmony now. As I was working today I just wasn't feeling the paint trails I had made with the dark blue organza (see previous post for picture with the paint trails), so I removed them and will test later, on other fabric, the paint trails that will come off the blue fabric in the middle through the other colors. There are a few other places that I'm just not 100% happy with, but that is what I will sleep on tonight.
Well, Mr. Wonderful is on his way home, time to start dinner!
Happy creating!

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