Sunday, May 15, 2011

Back from Vacation!

We took some time off from normal life and spent a week in Galveston. Sunshine, the beach, lots of seafood (well, I ate the lots of seafood, Jeff ate lots of cow and chicken - just refer to us as "Surf and Turf"). We really enjoyed relaxing and getting some good sunshine. On the drive home we took the scenic route and stopped at the Antique Rose Emporium for some perennials. I've missed my Butterfly Bush that we had at our last house, so I bought one of those, Shasta daisies and a few other perennials and wild flower seeds. Got home and needed more for the yard, so off we go to Lowes for Knockout Rose Trees and herbs. Jeff is awesome when it comes to planting and only had to kill two snakes in the process. I'm anxious for everything to start blooming! Spring and Summer is going to be very colorful in my yard this year! Today while we were finishing up I walked across the patio and saw a future butterfly! Jeff came over and scared the poor caterpillar, so he curled up, but here he is!

I just love the little guys, they are so cute and fuzzy!

Well, tomorrow I'll be back in the studio. Right now I'm watching the Texas Rangers vs. the Angels (The Texas Rangers ROCK!!!). We have tickets next month to one of the Ranger games, sooooooo looking forward to it. Jeff is sitting here reading the latest "Popular Science", there was a UPS truck that turned over in Boston back in March and made a very pretty painting on the freeway it shut down with all the ink that was in the trailer. He also showed me an article of a mini ink jet printer called "PrintBrush", that is a handheld printer, only 8.8 ounces and prints a full page in 10 seconds! I just did a little web surfing for more information and yes, it prints on fabric!!!! Can you just see all the advantages and techniques the quilt art world can use this for! Quilt labels, surface layers, oh my, I think this just went on my "Gotta Have It" list! The article said that by the end of the year it will be developed with a camera for click and print capability. Oh my.....

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