Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Making A Commitment to Sketch

Yesterday I signed up and made the commitment to “The Sketchbook Challenge”. I’ve tried sketching before and just drew a blank when I sat down, so I didn’t pick it back up again. Now that I’ve made the commitment, I’m going to follow through. I’m really excited because this challenge is being led my some of the best quilt/fiber artists I’ve met at the International Quilt Festival and through networking on the Internet.
So, this morning I pulled out my sketchbook and I thumbed through and found notes and rough sketches of potential projects, sketches from an IQF class with Lyric Kinard and sketches that actually became art quilts. I think about these from time to time and that I need to do something with them, but other art quilt projects jump ahead of them!

Here are a few of those sketches from my class with Lyic.

These are sketches that actually turned into art quilts this year!

Tried my hand at Zentangles one day.

I already know I’m going to need another sketchbook partway through the project, but at least I have one to start with until I get another one. Maybe a gift certificate to my favorite art supply store, Asel Art, will appear underneath the Christmas tree!
So for now, I’m going to quilt and overdose on Christmas music today, my favorite is Vince Vance and the Valiant’s, and the Carpenters, and Barbara Streisand…..


Anonymous said...

Good for you. I love drawing (instead of sketching), but go through "phases." I just finished one art journal after 3 years. Now I'm eager to begin the next one. I love the photo of yours!

Sue Bleiweiss said...

Thanks for the peek inside your sketchbook Jules. The challenge is going to be a lot of fun!