Sunday, December 5, 2010

I Know, I've Been Absent Lately......But I Have a Good Reason!

I've been a little distant lately from my blog, but I have a good reason. I'm working on a Christmas present and I can't talk about it on my blog! If I do, it won't be a surprise for the person that receives this "gift from my heart" that I'm working on. All I can say is that it's beautiful!
I still have a couple of quilts on my design board and I'm looking forward to working on new projects after the first of the year. After the first of the year I plan on working on developing a few workshops and start teaching. Plans of increasing on online networking are already in the works with other artisans on ArtFire and Facebook.
Right now I have a Holiday Sale of 20% off all merchandise in my ArtFire studio, StudioJules. Link over and enjoy the sale!
I've also been busy with the grandchildren and tomorrow, Mr. Wonderful and I will celebrate 24 years of wedded bliss. He is taking a couple of days of vacation so we can do some things together that don't include sewing, sketching, dying or fixing anything around the house.
Tuesday night we are going to the Gallery Night at Oxide Gallery in Denton, Texas. I have three new pieces in this show that haven't been in a show before and are fresh out of the studio. So if you are in the area and want to see the fantastic works of some of my fellow Dallas Area Fiber Artists.
So, signing off for now and I'll post more later, when I can tell you what I'm working on and not keeping Christmas secrets!

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