Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Starting the Truck Quilt

Yesterday I Misty fused my fabric for the truck quilt.

I’ve pulled additional fabrics out to include also, but won’t decide on those until I get further in the project today.

I also traced out the pattern onto freezer paper and placed the original underneath my appliqué press sheet.

Last year I special ordered this press sheet from Bear Thread Designs. They have stock sizes on their website and in their booths at the quilt shows, but I wanted a custom size. Mine measures 42”x36”. Since most of my quilts are approximately 30”x30”, I wanted one that would accommodate my quilts appropriately.
Today I’ll start “auditioning” the different fabrics for the various pieces of the truck. Here is the background fabric. I dyed it earlier this year.

It’s one of those pieces that was squirt the dye and see what happens. I love the colors and the abstract results.
Until later!

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