Monday, September 20, 2010

Clearing My Mind.....

I have to blog today to clear my mind. There is just too much going on and I'm not as organized in my daily routine as I use to be!

Today is the deadline for entries for the 2010 Dallas Area Fiber Artists Membership Annual Show. I’m the Show Chair, and this is my first time to be involved in this capacity of a show, so I’m going a little crazy. My work background, before I ventured into full-time fiber art, was in Church Finance and before that, the Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities Market, writing processes and procedures, doing a little bit of report programming and training and compiling lots of information to send out to someone else. I'm use to having a "To Do" list going and right now I have several lists! Lists that I made in meetings, lists that I made in the car/kitchen, lists from emails I've received... I feel like an applique' quilt should come together here somewhere! Okay, it's time for me to get all these lists in one place! I'm going to try out the Microsoft software "OneNote" and see how I like it. Maybe this will be the stitch, or fusible, to bring all my notes together seemlessly!

Okay, now that you have read my venting for the day….on to more artistic things. Here is the latest photo of my truck quilt. The grill will have the strings of sequin beads for a texture break and this morning I was reading some things about Mistyfuse that I hadn’t tried before, so maybe there will be some Mistyfuse techniques added. Hopefully later this week I will be able to spend a day painting on this quilt, I really love the way it is coming together!

Oh, and if you haven't been to StudioJules on Artfire lately, I'm selling Mistyfuse by the yard!

Better eat some lunch and get back to making my lists, checking them twice and putting them all in one list!

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Susan Turney said...

I can't wait to see the progression of the truck quilt! And the mailbox quilts are gorgeous! Love your work, love your blog!