Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Project of the Day

I'm trying to get several things done at one time....trying to wrangle myself into doing smaller, day or two projects and not ones that take me weeks to complete. My attention span is waining at the moment, but I'm having trouble changing my scope and making decisions. This week I have been working on my "Angel Series", trying to make some decisions, how to paint, how to quilt, how to embellish....all while new quilt ideas are running through my head! What to do!!!!
So here are the pictures of the "Angel Series" quilts that are in progress...

This quilt background is hand dyed cotton organdy. The angel I took from a grieving angel statue I found in a cemetery. It is photo transfer on silk organza and then painted with textile paints and fabric pens.

This is the same angel but I wanted the monument to be different, so I traced it out onto silk with fabric pens and wrote the last two verses to Psalm 126 on the monument.

Now, several months ago I took a "Self Portrait" workshop with Sue Benner. The workshop was put on by the Dallas Area Fiber Artists group. Well, par for the course, I couldn't get happy with my self portrait and it has remained incomplete and in the "I'll finish it later" pile in my studio. Well this morning I got up and decided that today was the day to work on my self portrait and this is what I have gotten done. I have a hard time "stepping out of my box" sometimes and really have to force myself to do it, so this self portrait shows my body in a formal, traditional manner, but my hair! It's the creative side of my jumping out and going full force into the colorful world I love.

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Suzan said...

LOVE the self portrait!