Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dyeing Fabric and Trying New Techniques

Even though the day is windy, I'm dyeing fabric and setting it outside to dry. I've "cornered" the fabric with long straight pins so that it doesn't blow around the backyard. The first picture of of three yards container dyed in Deep Purple, just love this color! The second picture is three yards dyed Indigo Blue. This is definitely my favorite color! I twisted this fabric and wish I had left it twisted, I love the variation of the dye throughout the fabric.

Picture three is of how I twisted the next sections of fabric before I added the colors or Turquoise, Chartreuse, Sun Yellow, Fuchsia and Deep Purple. When I untwisted the fabrics there were a few places I wanted the colors deeper, so I squirted more dye and twisted it again to mixed the dye into the fabric evenly.

The next three pictures are of the dyed fabrics. I can't wait for them to be dry so I can run them through the wash and iron them out.

I have another bolt of fabric sitting in the soda ash waiting to be dyed, so I'm off to dye some more. My plan is to dye fabric in the morning and start painting a new quilt this afternoon.
Till tomorrow, enjoy the sunshine and the music of the birds!

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