Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sunflower Center Progress

I was able to make progress on one of my sunflower quilts today. The first attempt that I made for the center of this quilt didn't turn out, but the second one did! I grabbed some cheese cloth, my paints and latex gloves and started painting the cheesecloth. I set it outside to dry and then I heat set it before I started working with it. Then I selected a scrap piece of batik looking fabric and started making circles and added a few scrap pieces on tulle and chiffon and circled those in too for texture and color. The next step was disfiguring the cheese cloth and completing the circles for the sunflower center. I used my 10" hoop to hold the fabric and then layered the cheesecloth so I could manipulate it as I wanted to as I was stitching. The first layer of circles are a dark brown Sulky thread and the top thread is a variegated thread by YLI. I used the variegated in the bobbin and if it showed through, then that gave more texture and contrast!
When you zoom in on the pictures you can really see the cheesecloth and circles.

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