Thursday, August 27, 2009

Busy Week

I am having a busy, busy week. I leave Saturday for Boerne, Texas. I am going to a workshop put on by Quilting Adventures out of Kerrville, Texas. Frieda Anderson is going to be the instructor for the three day workshop. I'm really excited to spend three days with other quilters and study under a quilter that loves color as much as I do!
This week has been full of appointments, errands and trying to get organized to pack my "supply list" and my clothes! My husband is going join me after the workshop is over with and spend an extra few days in Boerne, a little vacation at the end of summer.
One of the errands I did today was mail two boxes of fabric off to IBOL. I think this is an awesome ministry this serviceman is doing. Allowing us to touch people in such a special way! I love to touch fabric, and now I get to let my fabric touch others in another part of this awesome world. If you want info on IBOL see my previous post for the links.
Well, I've had the exterminator out today and the Sears repairman to stop the squeek in the washing machine. Now I'm off to get organized and pack some fabric to take to Boerne!
I'll blog some pictures next week from the workshop. Happy stitching!

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