Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hand Painted Fabric Day! Gotta Love the Burst of Color!

Yesterday was so much fun! I think I painted over 7 yards of fabric and I really didn't want to stop, but I had to get some other things done. I'm going to Blog these one at a time so I can tell you about each piece. When I started painting I was using foam paint brushes. At one point early on in the process I wanted to smooth out some of the brush strokes and like the feel of just using my hands, well I threw out the brushes and used my hands. So, these pieces are really handpainted! Being able to control the paint and the movement felt so good and led to some very interesting results.

This first piece is one of my favorites. My daughter-in-law says it belongs on a canvas and hung, as is. I think that is what I love about it so much, it is spontaneous, colorful and vibrant. It measures 1 yard and may be put into my Handmade items in StudioJules on ArtFire.

I decided to show these two pieces together because they are so similar. I painted them with my Sunflower Quilt Project in mind, knowing that I will need a variety of greens for the leaves. Each piece measures 1 yard and whichever piece I do not use, will be added to my Handmade items in StudioJules on ArtFire.

This piece is bursting with color. I just love the intensity of the pink, orange, red and yellow. This piece measures 1 yard and will be added to my Handmade items in StudioJules on ArtFire.

I painted these two pieces with my current Sunflower Quilt Project in mind. These two pieces will supply the petals for the Hand Painted SunFlower Quilt. I used Rock Salt on these two pieces for a bit to get some extra movement and texture for the sunflower petals. These are half yard pieces.

This was one of the first pieces I started with yesterday, along with the two previous half yard pieces. I love the vibrant colors and how they burst out of the fabric. This piece measures 1 5/8 yards and will be added to my Handmade items in StudioJules.

I really love this piece and it will be staying in my stash. I have a quilt stirring in my brain with this one. The first process I did with this piece was pleating the fabric and then painted a medium green horizontally, so underneath all the bursts of color are green stripes. It is a half yard piece.

I'm calling this 1/2 yard piece "Red White and Blue, and Some More!" because I added in little bits of green, yellow and orange. Then I wet the fabric and smudged it a bit, the red bled through a bit and when it ran with the blue, purple arrived in the piece. The blue is really turquoise, and it works beautifully in this piece, I think a darker blue would have dulled the movement of the red.
I haven't decided if this piece is going on ArtFire or not. What do you think? My stash or yours?


Suzan said...

Your new work is fabulous! I'm curious to hear more about your process of HANDpainting! Did you wear gloves or just dive right in?

Jules Rushing said...

I wear latex gloves. It would take me forever to get all the paint out of my nails, well, what nails I have....
Now when I start painting on my quilts, the gloves come and go, depending on how much painting I am doing and if I think about it in time!

Fiber Focus said...

Wonderful! You were able to get such a good range of colors. Will be fun to see how they end up in a finished piece.