Friday, May 29, 2009

Good Morning!

It is a beautiful day! I hope wherever you are the weather is beautiful too! I love Spring and the mornings filled with sunshine. It really energizes me to accomplish something wonderful. Today I'm starting off with my Pilate's session, last private lesson, back to group Pilate's next week. My daughter-in-law is joining me today, she hasn't done Pilate's before and wants to see what it is like.
On to accomplishing something wonderful today...I started quilt labels yesterday for the three quilts I made for our precious grandson Hudson. I also made a label for a miniature quilt I made three years ago and donated to a church silent auction. A friend of mine won the quilt and brought it over last week for me to put the label on. So, today I will finish the labels and stitch them on the quilts.
After I finish stitching the labels I'm going to start organizing items to put on Artfire and/or Etsy. I have a lot of fabric that I have collected over the year that I just don't think I will every use. Plus, I have a lot of vintage patterns and items that I brought home from when we cleaned out Aunt Marie's house.
Next week I want to make some new bags. Quiting Arts has put a free e-book on their site with 7 quilted bag patterns. I downloaded it the other day and can't wait to make some of these bags. I always seem to want to make a new purse/bag when we go on vacation and since we are going to Santa Fe this year, I need something Southwestern! Plus the e-book has a great pattern for a shopping bag! I always leave my shopping bags in the car and remember after I am halfway through the grocery store! Then I walk out with 7 plastic bags to recycle! Maybe if I make a few bags I'll remember to take those cute things in!
Need to run to Pilate's! Have a sunshine day!

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