Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Angel T-Shirt Finished!

I actually got a project started and finished in one day!!! Oh, this feels good! I tried out several different methods of painting.

Picture #1 is of the angel statue picture laid out to trace on transparency film.

Picture #2 shows my test fabric on top of the clear transparency, ready to trace.

Picture #3 I used my Fabrico Markers to paint this one. It is more than I really want on the t-shirt, but at least I got to practice my highlighting and shading.

Picture #4 is Luminere Metallic Silver on the body and dress and Luminere Metallic Gold on the wings.

Picture #5 is the Sand Fabrico Marker on the wings with Luminere Metallic Gold on top of the Sand. The body and dress have Fabrico Cool Grey Marker with Luminere Metallic Silver on top of the Grey.

Picture #6 is a combination of the Fabrico markers (color Sand) on the wings, then topped it with Luminere Metallic Gold. The dress is painted with the Luminere Metallic Silver and the flowers are painted with Fabrico Markers (colors Wisteria and Peony Purple).

Picture #7 is the last test I did and was very happy with. It is a just the angel bust with Fabrico Sand and Luminere Metallic Gold on the wings and Luminere Mettallic Silver on the body and dress.

The last picture is of the completed t-shirt using the method of picture #7. I also wrote out Hebrews 13:2 on the right side of the shirt ~ "Be Not Forgetful to Entertain Strangers for Thereby Some Have Entertained ANGELS Unaware." One of my favorite verses.

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Sue B said...

Love this shirt!