Friday, February 13, 2009

Sunflower Shawl in Process

With shawls in style right now and I love wearing shawls, I decided to hand paint a shawl for myself and test out some of the mixed media I've been experimenting with. My friend, Connie had these awesome 10' sunflowers in her garden last year. When I saw them I knew there was an art quilt in the future. I have another idea in mind for the pictures, but this is the first one I am creating. The background is going to be different colors of blue with words written through it. Watch for the completed project later this spring!
The process I have already used is transferring the picture onto the fabric with an overhead projector. I'm using Jacquard Textile paints. The next process will be to use a resist so the blue for the background doesn't bleed into the sunflowers. I'll be testing on other fabric before I decide which resist I will use. I don't think I want any oops moments on this project! If you have any ideas for the best resist to use on a process like this, let me know.

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