Wednesday, January 31, 2018

What are Your Creative Goals this Week?

Let's Start a Conversation

What's feeding your creative spirit today? 

Besides my daily setting fabric on to dye and working on small art quilts, today I'm going to submit artwork for the Dallas Area Fiber Artists Annual Show. I have two pieces to submit this year.

This picture was taken during an indigo/shibori dye class I took a few years ago. 

What are your creative goals this week? Are you making plans for February?

For 2018 I want to start something new. Let's have a daily conversation about what is feeding our creative time. Are you working on a project with a deadline? Are you cleaning your creative space? Are you designing a new project? Are you stuck? Are you getting ready to submit a quilt or project to a show? Are you learning new techniques? I want to hear, I want to learn and I want us to join in conversation.

Join me here every day or join the conversation on my Facebook page. Let's keep the conversation and networking active.

Rules of engagement:

Rule #1 - As I tell my grandkids - Have Fun with the conversation
Rule #2 - Post your inspirations, thoughts, and questions
Rule #3 - only positive feedback. No bashing or criticism. If someone asks for feedback, be honest, but be kind and constructive. If comments are hurtful, they will not be published.

 Whether you creative to sell, compete or just for fun, enjoy the process.



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