Sunday, July 22, 2012

Old dye test was a success. I love the way the colors came out. Several of these pieces are going to be great background pieces for some art quilts.

One piece of the discharged pink silk is being ice dyed. I want to see how it comes out before I ice dye the second piece. Plus my ice maker hasn't caught up completely from yesterday and I didn't have enough ice to dye both pieces. I can't wait to unveil and wash it tomorrow to see how it comes out.

The fabric that I "Ice Parfait" dyed yesterday is in the washer. I looked at it earlier and I love the way several of the pieces came out. As I was looking at the fabric I had clearer vision for our bedroom quilt. I need to sketch out my ideas so I can start working on it next month.

Off to make my top pattern and fold up these beautiful pieces of dyed flannel. Glad I know I can hold on to my dyes for a while.

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