Sunday, March 13, 2011

Let Me Interrupt This Time of Creativity to Blog....

I just have to post a few quick pictures of what I'm working on. I have a quilt back hanging on my work wall that is going to be an art quilt for our family room. We have a dark corner and I want to brighten it up. Anyway, it's been hanging for awhile and I have been pondering what techniques I am going to use on it. Well, last night was a turning point and I fell asleep dreaming different techniques to use today. When I was digging through my drawer of textile/acrylic paints and things to use to paint with, I found an empty spool of thread! What a great idea for this quilt! You see, this quilt is going to hang next to a window where you can see all of our beautiful hydrangea's. The end of a spool of thread is similar to hydrangea blooms! I've also pulled out chiffon, organza, organdy, and silk to use to make artful hydrangeas.

Okay, I need to get back to work, but I also wanted to show you the fabric I dyed yesterday in preparation of the next four quilts I'm going to work on. I still need to dye more, but this is a start!

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Diana said...

Jules those colors are fabulous. I love all the colors you use in your quilts. And those plastic spools....Wow, what a great design.