Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's Been Slow Around Here Lately....

Well, not really. After I finish a quilt I have been working on for a while, I have to have some down time and catch up on things around the house and family. This past week I've picked up some of the trails I left off several years ago with my genealogy research. I'm working on my family and my husband's family. My dad's family has been hard to research because my great-grandfather ran away from his father at a young age, during the Civil War. This week I have had a break through on this trail and I'm so excited! But I'm putting this research work aside today and going to continue working on the patterns for my next 4 quilts. Three of them will hang together and one will stand alone. The one that stands alone has a lot of detail to it, so it will take me a good part of the day to trace out the pattern.
This past Tuesday the Dallas Area Fiber Artists had their "Meet the Artist" night at The Pointe, (C.C. Young) in Dallas, TX. It was a wonderful evening. The residents of C.C. Young who joined us had lots of questions about art work and were amazed at the variety of techniques used in our art and the Mini-Art Quilts made by the SAQA-Texas members. We even had a couple of DAFA members say they are going to join SAQA! Bonus!
Tomorrow is the first day of the Dallas Quilt Celebration. This show kind of snuck up on me! It's the first time in, gosh, 6 years that I haven't been working at the show in some fashion, either with the Bernina of Dallas store or the Dallas Area Fiber Artists. I'll be going tomorrow, can't wait to see the quilts (and shop)!

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