Monday, February 14, 2011


I've had a good day, really, until a few minutes ago... I was quilting away on the truck quilt, listening to "Crossroads" by Fern Michaels, and wondering if I have enough thread to complete my quilting, when I decided to stand back and take a look at the section between the barn and the windmill.....that's when I realized I was quilting at an angle and not horizontal....grrr. So, I guess while I'm watching TV tonight I'll be picking out this section of quilting and tomorrow I'll quilt as long as I can before I run out of thread.

At least I walked 4 miles today at lunch and Mr. Wonderful is on his way home from work. Time to go start dinner and enjoy a glass of red wine. Even though there is a hiccup in the progress, I'm determined to find a bright spot, or two.

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