Monday, April 20, 2009

Shawl Progress

Here's the progress I made on Friday. I'm using Jacquard Textile and Setacolor paints. The sunflower colors are Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Goldenrod, Apple Green, Olive Green, Brown and Fawn (Setacolor). For the background I mixed together white, Sky Blue and Sapphire Blue. I wanted a modeled look for the background, so I mixed the the colors together a little at a time. After a while I realized the the sweeping motions were a little overwhelming (first picture), so I grabbed my sponges and sponged a mixture of the Sky Blue and Sapphire Blue with some water, to thin it out, and sponged until I achieved a more relaxing look in the background. I'm very happy with the color of the background and the addtional painting on the sunflowers. They have more depth and character now. I've been testing out some fabric pens to write verses, sayings and words in the background. This afternoon I'll be selecting that I'm going to write. I'm also in the thought process of what I am going to do to the other side of the shawl. I don't want the raw side of the painted fabric showing, so do I paint more fabric for the inside or what? I'm leaning toward painting more fabric and doing a light color of the blues and yellows. Little bit of paint and a lot of water mixture. Any other ideas out there?

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