Friday, March 27, 2009

What's in my Stash?

I saw this question on another blog and thought it was a good one! I have tons of fabric, maybe not as much as some fabricaholics, but I have a great deal! I also collect buttons, thread, and mixed media objects. I hit a jackpot earlier this month when we were cleaning out the house that belonged to our eccentric Aunt Marie. She was a business woman that several men learned not to cross. In her later years she was a real estate agent in the Texas Hill Country and the jackpot that I found was a vast aray of keys! My plan is to paint fabric this spring and summer and one of the processes I am going to use sun painting. I think using these keys will make a great piece! When I paint this spring/summer I'm going to let my granddaughters paint too. Art from a 1 year old and a three year old will be very interesting don't you think?
Here are a couple of pictures showing my studio. I'll blog one day showing more pictures of my studio, right now it isn't in a decent picture taking mode. This may not look like a lot of fabric, but this isn't all of it. I have several bins in the attic (which is easy access to my studio) and under my worktable. I have one bin in the attic that is fabric from Aunt Marie's house. She had a lot of beautiful gowns and dresses that were made for her and I was able to collect the fake fur, reptile skin (some real skin too!), sequin, crepe silk and other great fabrics. There were even some great feather hats!

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