Friday, March 27, 2009

Raw Edge Applique'

I wanted to do something fun, fast and easy. So I grabbed a little raw edge applique' pattern that I found and made signs for my studio and Cosmo's room (aka the laundry room). These were really easy to put together. I wanted the lettering to really stand on its own, so I used a solid black background. On "Cosmo's Condo" I recycled batik fabric from my bin of leftovers (I hate to through away fabric, so I save the leftovers in a bin). "The Quilt Studio" letters are out of my handpainted leftovers. I was going to quilt these today, but didn't get to it. They are first on my list for Monday (after Pilates). Time to go get dinner started...Mr. Wonderful is on his way home.

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Jules Rushing said...

Raw Edge Applique is fun and easy. I did these using Fast2Fuse, because the pattern has already been reversed. When I'm using a pattern that hasn't been reversed or one that I am making myself, I use MistyFuse.