Thursday, October 12, 2017

Prism Refraction is Finished!

I finally completed Prism Refraction. Piecing was fun because I love this wave piecing process. I'm addicted to it and can't wait to do more of it and maybe even teach a few classes.

The quilting of this quilt, well, that is another story. I wanted to hurry and get it done so I could enter it in a show. So I went to the long arm studio and quilted it. I hated what I did. I'm not a seasoned long armer and my lines just didn't turn out the way I wanted them.

So home I went and had a lot and I mean a lot of quality time with my seam ripper. I took out the entire quilt and started over on my Bernina. It took a couple of days of quality time with my walking foot, but I got it done and I am very please with the precision I was able to quilt.

Needless to say, I didn't make the show entry deadline. But there are others coming up!

I think I will be doing a lot more quilting with my walking foot. I even ordered the book "Walk: Master Machine Quilting with Your Walking Foot" by Jacquie Gering, to help me with inspiration and new designs. Can't wait for it to get here the end of the week.



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