Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday Free Shipping!

Color Explosion - in my Art Fire Studio
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I just love this day. It is the one day every year that I get to serve my family. Have them in our home and cook big. I love to cook, but don't get the opportunity to cook big very often - aka, empty nest syndrome. I get to spend today visiting with my parents, sister, sister-in-law (brother is working so his plant workers can have the day off - such a good guy!), nephew and Mr. Wonderful.
Cosmo, our precious Maltese, is all dressed up in his Thanksgiving bandanna and ready for the company to arrive.

Tomorrow is Black Friday, so I am offering Free Shipping on everything in my Etsy and Art Fire Shops. If you shop StudioJulesArt on Etsy use the coupon code "BlackFridayFreeShipping" and if you shop StudioJules on Art Fire, the Free Shipping is already taken care of.

I pray each of you have many things to be thankful for this year. Family is on the top of list!


Bootsie said...


I shared your Blog with my daughter who is an art teacher. She saved your page in her favorites lists, she plans to take a closer look when she gets to a computer instead of her iPhone.

She loved Lilac, Fuchsia, and Clear Yellow ice dyeing. She loves your work and thought the ice dyeing was incredible.

My talents are far removed from quitting, but I can certainly appreciate the time and effort you put into each creation. They are all amazing, especially the one with the truck and barn in the background...simply incredible!!

Just thought I share our thoughts with you...I know you have many fans, but now you have two more!!

Suzan Dosier Jones (from Southwest High)

Jules Rushing said...

Thank you Suzan! Hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season!