Friday, September 16, 2011

Another Busy Day

Today was another busy day, running errands, hair appointment and shipping my Old Alton Bridge Quilt off to the International Quilt Association. It has to get ready for the release of Karey Patterson Bresenhan  & Nancy O’Bryant Puentes' third book, Lone Stars III:  Texas Quilts Today. I am honored and blessed to have this quilt included in their book, recording the history of quilting in Texas and how it has evolved over the years. Karey and Nancy released information to us earlier this month that the book has been featured in the September issue of Texas Monthly. I am thrilled for them that the book is getting such wonderful press and recognition. The Old Alton Bridge Quilt will travel with the book exhibit to the new Texas Quilt Museum in La Grange, Texas and other shows and museums this next year. I will dearly miss this quilt hanging in my home, but I am so excited that it is getting to travel and be viewed by other people.

For those of you who don't know the history of this quilt, I'll tell you. The Old Alton Bridge is a historic bridge in Denton County, Texas, close to my home. I took a picture of it before I left for a workshop. it was late in the day, sunset, and it was early enough in the Spring to where there wasn't any vegetation emerging yet, so my picture was blah, boring, but I had a great subject to work with. When I got to the workshop, I had taken an enormous amount of commercial fabric and three yards of fabric that I had hand painted a week or so before. I ended up using just my hand painted fabric, as you can see. I took the week long workshop to jump start me off of traditional quilts and into art quilts. I think I made a good jump, leap and hurdle!

Oh, and have I told you, this was my first art quilt.

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