Thursday, July 14, 2011

Shattered Curves and Dyed Fabric

Shattered Curves is complete, binding and sleeve are on and it’s ready to enter into quilt shows.

This past Saturday I spent the day in the dye studio with Kathy Mayhew. It is so great to spend a day with my friend and complement each other’s dye styles. I’m a parfait dyer and Kathy has a passion for surface design treatments.

We had some great outcomes and some that surprised us. I tried out some new colors and was surprised how the colors come out with the Lemon/Lime. The first strike was a wonderful Lemon/Lime, but the second and third was definitely Lemon Yellow. The green hit the first piece of fabric and didn’t want to share.

I’ve spent the past several days ironing fabric and taking care of business tasks. I love ironing fabric. Weird, I know, but it is something that my mom taught me to do when I was little and I find taking the creases and wrinkles out of fabric and listening to a good book (Lisa Wingate’s “Over the Moon at the Big Lizard Diner” right now) relaxing.
Okay, time to get back to work! Have a great day and stay cool! This summer heat is terrible!!!


laura said...

Hi Jules,
Thanks for sharing your ironing experience while listening to a book on tape. I do the same thing! And it's always nice to know there are others who make their ironing a relaxing activity. I needed to be reminded of that. It's so slow compared to everything else we all do. And it's good for us to take it slow sometimes.
Cheers! Laura

Fannie said...

Shattered Curves is beautiful, Jules! Bravo! Inspiring, thanks. ♥♫♥