Sunday, November 21, 2010

New Fabrics on StudioJules

I just posted new fabrics in my Artfire studio - StudioJules. There are luscious hand dyed silks and cottons. Some of the pictures that I posted today are of fabrics that have been in my studio, and needed updated pictures. I have been working on my camera skills and in the past year I've been able to tell a difference in the quality of my pictures. I'm not done yet, there are still updates and new pictures to be taken and loaded, so stay tuned in. I'm getting there, it just takes time after you dye two bolts of fabric to get the pictures taken and loaded with descriptions.
But take a look in StudioJules, there is a Black Friday 10% off sale!
Happy Stitching everyone!


Betty said...

Your dyed fabrics are so beautiful! What is the 100% cotton you use? Is it a muslim, bleached or unbleached? A broadcloth? Trying to get an idea of thickens and feel.

I have done some dying with Pro-active dyes but only on silks and love the results it produces!

Jules Rushing said...

Thank you Betty! I use Moda PFD (Prepared for Dying) fabric. I like the weight and texture of the cotton. As for the silk, well it is silk I bought in California at one of the vendors down in the retail district of LA. I discharged the silk before I over-dyed it, orginally it was a beautiful pink. And I love the Procion MX dyes!