Thursday, January 14, 2010

Half Way Through January Already!

I can't believe we are half way through January already. The days are flying as I juggle appointments, grandchildren, designing quilts, working on quilts and being very excited about my new work table and ironing table in my studio.
I listen/watched the SAQA Webinar on Saturday. Listening to it really helped me know that I am working towards my goals and desires in a good way and gave me some great goals to work towards too. I really appreciate the work that goes into the SAQA programs and the information they share to encourage artists and quilters. I have set 10 goals on my dry erase board. I'm happy to say that two are "Complete", and three are "In Process". What a great feeling!
Today I am working on designing a quilt for a charity raffle. I'm really excited about it and should have the pattern complete today, and hopefully I can start testing some paint techniques for it too.
My Indian Sunflower Quilt is fused and sitting on my board. I'm waiting for my shipment of paints to start the painting stage. It is so light, bright and cheerful...working on the detail of this quilt is going to be very energizing.
With that, I hope you have a bright and cheerful day, no matter if it is a gloomy day outside, make it a bright day inside!

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